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Jennings® vacuum capacitors, relays, interrupters, contactors, DC contactors

Provides the benefit of more than 70 years of expertise in state-of -the-art vacuum technology, producing non-thermionic vacuum for high voltage and high frequency applications. 


Vacuum capacitors: High voltage and current rating, wide tuning range, low losses, self-healing, and high altitude operation. 

Vacuum and gas-filled relays: Widely used in airborne, mobile and marine communications equipment. These relays are noted for fast operating speeds and the ability to withstand high voltages and carry heavy currents, while maintaining low and stable contact resistance. 

Vacuum interrupters and contactors: Designs for a wide range of voltage and current interrupt levels. High quality and high reliability interrupters available for utility and industrial markets.

DC contactors: Our research has enhanced the DC contactor by enabling new green technology to aid in lowering the world's carbon footprint. Its innovative and compact design reduces the weight of the device but still allows for very high mechanical life.